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Top 5 Reasons You Should Support Cheyney

A Landmark of an Institution

As many of you may or may not be aware the nation’s first Historically Black College and University (HBCU), Cheyney University of Pennsylvania (“Cheyney” or “the University”) is under tremendous pressure to meet rigid standards set out by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education (MSCHE).

There are so many deep-seated issues that have led the University to this point and you can certainly read about it in many articles across various mediums. However, it is critically important that we highlight what is NOT mentioned in the media, and often left out of the conversations regarding the school’s reputation. Cheyney University is a national treasure. It is an institution that ALL Americans should be proud of and its history alone should command great respect.

Here are 5 reasons why YOU should care about Cheyney and we hope to inspire you to take action to support and save this national landmark of an institution…

Reason One

An Extraordinary History

Did you know that Cheyney University is the oldest HBCU in the nation and it was founded right here in Philadelphia in 1837 — 180 years ago?

For those of you from Philadelphia, the school was located at 7th and Lombard and later moved to 9th and Bainbridge. Today Cheyney is located in Cheyney, PA (about 35 – 45 min outside of Philadelphia on the border of Delaware and Chester County.)

Reason Two

Extraordinary Alumni

​Cheyney University alumni have not only made a tremendous impact on the city of Philadelphia, but they were pioneers for civil rights, public policy, social change, and helped build some of our most iconic buildings in Philadelphia and around the nation.

The impact that Cheyney alumni have had on Philadelphia and the world is profound and quite frankly, ever lasting for generations to come. Let’s take a look at some of the iconic alumni.

Reason Three

Current Students

There are some very impressive college students that are attending Cheyney at the moment.  Many of these students come from low income families and some may not have been able to attend 4-year college due to the high cost of higher education.  

Cheyney provides students with support and ensures their success by utilizing a student centered philosophy.  For example, Samiah a recent Cheyney graduate from North Philadelphia didn’t have the financial resources to pay for college. Fortunately, she was a stellar student and through determination completed her degree. She joins a history of Cheyney University alumni seeking to change the world.

Reason Four

Solution to Poverty

Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in our nation and unfortunately has one of the largest poverty rates in America. 25% of adults in Philadelphia live in poverty and 38% of the children are living in poverty. If we look at North Philadelphia and Kensington, 44% of adults live in poverty rate, almost doubled the rate of the rest of Philadelphia.

This is a huge problem for our city as it stifles growth, the economy, can influence crime rates and more.  Cheyney University could be the solution to ending the cycle of poverty. 

Final Reason


It is going to take YOU to help support Cheyney University. Really all of us.  We can not do this alone. Cheyney University is a national treasure and school that has helped thousands of people get a better education, and to have a better life.

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Mission of Cheyney University

Cheyney University’s mission is to prepare confident, competent, reflective, visionary leaders and responsible citizens. We uphold our tradition of academic excellence as we maintain our historical commitment to opportunity and access for students of diverse backgrounds. Cheyney University provides a nurturing, intellectually challenging and socially enriching environment.

To learn more about Cheyney University of Pennsylvania’s history as the oldest educational institution for African American’s in the United States and its ongoing legacy of excellence, please click here.