Eight students at Cheyney University are one step closer to reaching their goals of becoming advocates, change agents and innovators in the field of science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.). Each student was awarded $2,500 scholarships to alleviate financial barriers that could otherwise derail and distract them from reaching their goals. This scholarship was made possible by PECO, a longtime supporter of Cheyney University and the Cheyney Foundation. With aspirations ranging from developing urban aquaculture centers and farms in poor communities to providing education on reproductive processes for poor women of color and everything in between, these students have created a union between their passion for science and their interest in engaging their communities.

Click on any of the scholars images below to learn more about their goals and aspirations and how the scholarship will help them reach their goals. 

"Being awarded this scholarship, eases my financial burdens, allows me to focus on my education and put all my energy into doing well in my classes. Success in my undergraduate classes translates to opportunity to move on to more advanced classes which will allow me to proceed toward my overall professional goals. " -Benjamin Hawkins, 2017 PECO Scholar

"Receiving the PECO  Undergraduate S.T.E.M. Scholarship has granted me the opportunity to further my education at Cheyney University while decreasing my debt in student loans. Now instead of focusing on working to keep up with the cost of my education, my goal is to study hard and graduate with honors! " -Khadijah Hogg, 2017 PECO Scholar