Our Mission

The mission of the Cheyney Foundation is to fundraise, promote and support academic excellence, innovation and sustainability of Cheyney University.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create and support long-term sustainable programming, foster innovation and promote an environment of high level academic achievement for all students at Cheyney University. The Cheyney Foundation assists in leveraging its resources to make Cheyney University, the premiere HBCU in the nation, with an unparalleled educational experience that is sought after internationally.


Our Values

The Cheyney Foundation values the following:

  • Integrity: The Cheyney Foundation holds its financial responsibilities with the utmost of integrity.

  • Academic Excellence: We take pride in granting scholarships and providing need-based financial support to the students of Cheyney University that uphold a high level of academic achievement.

  • Partnerships: We value our partnerships with companies and donors because together we are more impactful in creating  and maintaining viable  systems for the advancement of Cheyney University and its students.

  • Innovation: We value new ideas; programming, systems and processes that will help launch Cheyney University into the premier school for the nation. 

  • Sustainability: Creating sustainable pathways in many different areas allows Cheyney University to increase its longevity.

  • Education: We believe that education is the foundation to life.


Our Purpose 

The purpose of The Foundation shall be to promote the mission and advancement of Cheyney University in any manner, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Conducting educational activities of all kinds through scholarship aid to individuals;

  2. By the granting of funds to the University for support of research and study;

  3. By aiding the University in the development of its faculty, physical plant, programs, and administration;

  4. By receiving gifts, grants, loans, advances, and property for the same purposes; and,

  5. By purchasing equipment, books, libraries, laboratories, shops or otherwise providing for the purpose, lease, acquisition, or construction of the same.