The Cheyney 180 Challenge 

In 2017, Cheyney University celebrated its 180th year. In commemoration of the resilience, excellence and distinction of Cheyney, we launched the Cheyney 180 Challenge.

The goal of the Cheyney 180 Challenge was to raise $180,000 in scholarship dollars to support students at Cheyney University. With 75% of Cheyney University students coming from low income households, the Cheyney 180 Challenge rallied alumni, parents, faculty and friends of Cheyney in support of providing financial assistance for the students who need it most.

This campaign was the first large scale fundraising initiative lead by the Cheyney Foundation in several years, and although we did not reach out goal, we got pretty close. Check out our list of donors below who've taken the first step to transforming a life by giving to our campaign.

Thank you to all of our generous donors, our sponsors and corporate partners, we would not have been able to reach nearly what we have without your support, by rallying friends, by giving, and by sharing the mission of the Cheyney Foundation.


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A Special Thanks to our Cheyney 180 Challenge Campaign Chair!

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell '68
Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell  agreed to chair the Cheyney 180 Challenge and raise money for for scholarship dollars for Cheyney students. Since her pledge, she was the Challenge's most active and top fundraiser.

Thank you to all our Cheyney 180 Challenge Donors! 

  • Alicia Whitfield
  • Andre Bright
  • Barbara  Wilson
  • Bonita Farrow Gibson
  • Brandy Jones
  • Cameron Driver
  • Carl Williams
  • Carmen Martinez-Skinner and the Skinner Family
  • Chantelle Fitzgerald
  • Charlette Fairchild
  • Christine Broome
  • Community Baptist Church of Chester
  • Curtis Bailey
  • Cynthia Simkins-Hopson
  • David Brooks-Alston
  • David Krain
  • David Hughes
  • Deborah Turner
  • Deborah Williams-Gordon
  • Deonne  McNeill
  • Diane Morris
  • Don Trahan Jr.
  • Elaine and Wilbur Kirkland
  • Gail E. Hunter
  • Gary Holland
  • Gaston Mbonglou
  • Gaynelle & Craig Lewis
  • GE Matching Donation


  • Greater Chester County Cheyney Alumni Chapter
  • Gregory Smith
  • Gwynne and Lionel Hoye
  • Irving Bailey
  • Jacqueline Howard
  • James C McKelvey
  • James E Andrews
  • James H Douglass
  • Jamiel   Dawson
  • Janelle L. Williams
  • Jazmine Smith
  • Jerald Johns
  • Junious and Sonjia Stanton
  • Karen Shanks
  • Kay E Henley
  • L Ford
  • Laiya Skinner
  • Larry Skinner
  • Lisa Rhodes
  • Lloyd Mandly
  • Edward S. Cooper
  • Marion Haliburton
  • Mark Ashton
  • Maurice Revell
  • Michael Adler
  • Michael Coard
  • Michelle Tinsley
  • Milligan & Company
  • Milton Keenan
  • Miriam Lawson
  • Nathaniel Williams
  • Pamela Bruner
  • Patricia Mandly-Green
  • Regine Chery
  • Rev. Barbara McKenzie
  • Rita Barksdale
  • Robert  Fairchild
  • Robin McRae-McNeill
  • Sabrina Scott-Feggins
  • Sam and Deidre Patterson Foundation
  • Samuel Jordan
  • Sandas  Murphy
  • Shakira Smith
  • Shawn Murray
  • Sheila Randolph
  • Sophia  Campbell
  • Souraghata Semega
  • Tarik Brooks
  • The Laborer's International Union of N.A.
  • Theresa D Brunson
  • Tiffany A Wilson
  • Torey Stafford
  • Vanessa Fitzgerald
  • Vicki Redmond
  • Vincent Campbell
  • Yvonne Davis