What is the Cheyney 180 Challenge?

Last year, about 75% of the student population came from low income families, making paying for college, a burden, and often a deterrent for returning to school year after year.  At the Cheyney Foundation, we are striving to eliminate the financial gap that derails so many enthusiastic students from reaching their academic and professional goals.  

The Cheyney Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization and we have supported Cheyney University of Pennsylvania for the past 45 years. We are committed to increasing  awareness, creating innovative partnerships and fundraising for the university, but we can not do it on our own. Cheyney University is a historical treasure, the institution and its students need YOUR help now more than ever.

We established the Cheyney 180 Challenge to help raise money for student scholarships and we are taking in donations of $18, $180, $1800 or more in honor of Cheyney University’s 180 Anniversary. However, all amounts big or small, are appreciated and will make a difference in a student’s life. 

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This is a pivotal time in history for Cheyney University and the Cheyney Foundation. With your support, we have the opportunity to  impact the future of Cheyney University and its students. Your gift can help a student attain an elite educational experience without the additional stress that comes with affording higher education. This is YOUR time to transform a life and play a significant role in empowering students at Cheyney University.

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